Semalt Unveils 3 Excellent Free Online Web Scrapers

The free online web scrapers help collect data and put it into the usable form. The content of a specific URL can easily be placed on the spreadsheets and can be expanded over time into the datasets. With the online web services, the scraped and collected data can be merged into the new or existing databases. The free online web scrapers are important for startups as you don't have to pay anything. Plus, some terrific brands made commitments to keeping access to the web data open and without any charges.

1. CloudScrape:

CloudScrape is a modern and comprehensive data scraping service for regular web users. It helps them create, merge, run, manage and schedule the web data extraction robots. Two of its prominent features are JavaScript evaluation and built-in Captcha that make it ideal for almost all web 2.0 sites. Moreover, its API lets you monitor and remotely manage the web robots. The Captcha solving option has set CloudScrape apart from other similar services especially Kimono and It works both with basic and advanced sites, extracting data automatically and downloading it to your Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS or Box. Amazingly, CloudScrape provides us with both monthly and yearly subscription plans.


It is a famous and one of the best online web scrapers. is best known for its cloud-based system, and the users just have to add the web browser extension to get this program activated. It is an excellent and reliable tool that processes and saves data in the form of API libraries. For web pages with no data, this service can build its specific datasets. It also offers great data storage capacity and manipulates your data easily. You can add the data to the existing database, existing library set, or can accumulate the data over time. is one of the best free online web scrapers as of now, and its management and development officers are quite experienced in the Internet data field.

3. Scraper Wiki:

Just like, Scraper Wiki is a free online web scraper with dozens of options and features. Its free online account is fixed for a few datasets, but its premium or paid version is far better than other similar tools. Most of its options, however, can be accessed in the free version too. This firm has made the long-term commitments to supporting developers, programmers and journalists by providing free services. This tool is useful for both small and large websites and saves most of your data in the PDF format. It means you don't need to implement any code to get best out of this program. Most recently, Scraper Wiki has undergone major developments, and its latest or current version has been launched with impressive and sophisticated options. For instance, this tool now supports different languages including Ruby, PHP, and Python. In contrast, other similar tools don't support all of these languages simultaneously. Thus we can say that this data scraping program is far better than any other free online web scraper.